Are you a Currency Pairs Trader?

This weekend, our lead Currency analyst elected to put out these trade suggestions for you avid currency and currency pairs fans and traders. We are trying to gauge interest in this area from readers on barchart. The suggestions here are based on our existing guiding principles which our analysts use to trade their own accounts actively. If you are interested in receving this content on a regular basis and are willing to give us a try eventually, reach out to us at Is there a FxPair you would like covered? Email us and we will do our best to include that in our analysis.

Currencies remain strong and some of them that are weak (such as the AUD/USD), are moving higher on pullbacks to eventually resume their trend lower. Pairs like the EUR/USD (spot for the Euro), remain range bound in opposing measured moves being bullish above 1.16272 and bearish below 1.17223. We trade to our own analysis each day. Currency markets remain trubulent caused by trade disagreements between nations and the fear that larger trading partners like China have surprise devaluation of their own currency in the mix sometime soon in reaction to trade tarriffs by the United States.

Here is our Playbook style trade recommendations for the Currency Pairs markets for the Sunday July 15 market open: