5 Metals Stocks That You Must Watch
stock market chart,

With silver (and gold) looking like  at the moment, it makes sense to pick up our collective heads and look around.  Which stocks kept pace with the pop?  Which ones outperformed their base metal? And perhaps most tellingly, which ones fell behind? Today’s featured article looks at 5 stocks which performed or outperformed their base on the way up.

This is NOT a recommendation by the Gold Enthusiast to buy these now, but rather to put them on your radar and see how they do during this (hopefully brief) lull.  The rules for good short-term stock picking never change: Buy things that outperform as soon as you can detect an increase that will likely sustain.  And for the downside: Sell anything that appears weak at noticeable peaks.  (Full disclosure: Your friendly Gold Enthusiast is long small positions of SVBL and PAAS in the silver sector.)

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