Fuel & Propane


Route Customers

  $1.95 $1.70
Non-Route Customers   $2.00


Under 200 Gallons   $2.30 $2.05
Under 100 gallons - N/A      

Off Road Diesel   Call for quote  
No Lead   Call for quote  


Prices subject to change without notice.



Attention Propane Customers!

Safety Alert!

 Your safety is our number one goal

With the recent drought and earthquake activity we have had in the area, we, as your propane provider, would like to take a moment and make you aware of the stress and damage this puts on your propane lines.  Anytime the ground is dry, it will begin to crack.  If the soil moves, the propane line has to move with it.  Now, if the line going into your house is a solid 90º, the line has nowhere to go and it will either bend or break, which becomes a major concern. Below you will see pictures of a proper and safe installation allowing lines to move and be able to flex freely.  Please take the time to look at the propane line entering your home.  If it does not have a swing joint or flex line, we strongly recommend having this changed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 316/777-1121.  Thank you.


Mulvane Coop

LP Department