How did you trade to the Emini's last night?

It's really a short posting for us today.

Here is how our subscribers traded the Asian/European sessions for the Emini S&P for last night

Globex for ES 6/25 ->

Download it to see how we make a 23-hour trading experience virtually worry free by allowing you to place your limit orders and let the results deliver. For the early morning today (before 7 am), we presented a combination of "Opposing Measured Move" scenarios suggesting to our subscribers to exit at 2937.25 area and try shorts into the open which some of them did.

Do you like to sample the commodities playbook trade ideas again for today. Well then what is keeping you? Request the download of this content by accessing this link ->

Note that Grains have rolled to the front-month in most cases and some others like Platinum and Copper for metals have also rolled to the front-month contracts.

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